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Our Services

Medley Global Advisors delivers accurate, unbiased intelligence on macroeconomic and political events by cultivating relationships with senior policymakers around the globe. Our network includes central banks, finance ministries, regulatory and intelligence agencies, and international finance and trade organizations. In addition to our written reports, clients gain value from the constant dialogue they have with our analysts, and the ability to make contact at any time with individual market specialists.

Access is available via email.

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We focus on the following coverage areas:

  • G10 -- US Federal Reserve; European Central Bank; Bank of Japan; US, EU, and Japan fiscal policy and politics; Canada; Australia; Switzerland.

  • Emerging Markets -- China and East Asia; Latin America; Central and Eastern Europe; Russia/FSU.

  • Energy -- OPEC and non-OPEC; oil and commodity fundamentals; production and country risk including geopolitics; regulatory and legislative affairs.

The above can be condensed into the following services:

  • Global Macro -- G10 and selected macro Emerging Markets and Energy reports.

  • Policy Monitor -- A weekly compilation of the most relevant policy news.

G10 Macro Markets:
Primary sourced intelligence and insight on the macroeconomic and political drivers of financial markets. Recent offerings include:

  • UK: Scottish Roulette
  • ECB: Expectations Game
  • Japan: Time To Spend
  • Fed: How To Break Good News
  • BOJ: Not Turning European
  • ECB: QE By Any Other Name
  • US Congress: Back To Work
  • Japan: Agenda-Setting Reshuffle
  • UK: The Strange Rebirth Of Conservative Scotland
  • Switzerland: By Any Means Necessary
  • EU: Austerity Versus Austerity
  • Australia: Holding Course
  • BOJ: Bullish On Prices Despite Growth Headwinds
  • ECB: Not A Jackson Hole In One

Emerging Markets:
Written notifications on Russia, Emerging Europe, Latin America, China and East Asia. Recent offerings include:

  • South Africa: Another Balancing Act
  • Russia: Hikes On Hold
  • Poland: The Politics Of Change
  • Russia-Ukraine: Poroshenko Blinks

  • Argentina: Divide And Rule
  • Brazil Politics: A Game Of Two Halves
  • Mexico: The Irresistible Rise Of The Minimum Wage
  • Brazil Politics: Roller Coaster Ride

  • China: Grasping At Shadows
  • Malaysia: Weighing The Risks
  • South Korea: Owning Up
  • China: The Credibility Bubble

Global Energy:
Authoritative political and industrial intelligence on global oil producers. Recent offerings include:

  • Oil: Premature OPECulation
  • World Liquidator - Sept 2014
  • Crude Thoughts: Man In Box
  • Libya: When Oil And Anarchy Mix
  • Iraq: It Is What It IS (ISIS That Is)
  • Crude Thoughts: Get Shorty
  • Crude Thoughts: The Plunge Protection Squad
  • Mexico Energy: Round And Round
  • Russia-EU Gas: Sleepwalking To A Shutdown
  • Mexico Energy Reform: On Your Marks...
  • Crude Thoughts: Brent Can't Keep It Up
  • Iraq: Maliki's Last Stand