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Medley Global Advisors

Our Approach

At MGA, reports are only part of the story. Our clients gain value from the constant dialogue they have with our analysts, and the ability to make contact at any time with individual market specialists.

Policy focus & expertise: Our breadth of experience in the policy world gives us unique insight into the key policy issues of concern to global markets. Because we do not defend a particular economic view, protect a market position, or promote a personal sense of what policy "should" be, our analysts can focus on understanding policymakers’ perspectives in real depth, not on imposing their own opinions.

Financial markets expertise: Our deep knowledge of financial markets allows us to proactively identify the most timely and relevant policy issues for market participants, and to understand the complex interplay between policy and markets.

Independence: We are independent; we do not manage money, lobby for interest groups, profit from trading volumes, or issue securities. Further, we are neutral across ideologies, intellectual disciplines, and analytical approaches. This allows us to strip away biases, preconceptions, and other barriers to facilitating accurate policy insight.

Accountability: MGA’s model -- annual subscriptions -- keeps us focused exclusively on soundly and objectively serving our clients. If we do not consistently provide accurate information with insight, nuance, and depth, we lose our clients.